No longer business as usual

It’s now February 2016, which means it’s now over a year ago since it was business as usual for me.

Apparently time flies when you are having fun!

In a nutshell (for 15 years!) business as usual used to be a five day per week commute to often huge and impressive corporate offices in the city, overseeing and co-ordinating sometimes large teams of experts to deliver significantly sized web development projects and programmes.

Even though taking breaks in between contracts also used to be business as usual for me and my helping out in the family business increased over time, leaving my (emotionally and financially) secure corporate career was never really on the cards. Having said that, following my eureka moments and shifting values (as described in my earlier blog posts) some change was bound to happen. Perhaps, I could have become a consultant or coach or … perhaps something more unexpected or ‘unusual’ … - Go for the great

Meeting the unusual

Little did I expect … that I would meet (and later marry) a mechanic at the dancing classes! The full story goes that he introduced himself as an accountant in the automobile industry, and insists to this day that he never lied since as a small business owner he has to look after the accounts as well. Having been in an office-bound rat race type career all my life and with a huge ego at the time, I didn’t really hear the hidden message and was perfectly happy and thrilled to go out with an accountant, who works at Ferrari :)

The rest is history and by now it is  OUR small family business and I have not just taken over all admin and marketing tasks, but of course the accounts department!

The colourful and free-spirited way of making a living

What I love about my new way of making a living

  • The awakening of the entrepreneur in me and freedom to do business on our own terms
  • The re-connecting with my life-long passion of writing and ample opportunity to practice it; even to set up my own business (Power-Words) with it
  • The view from my home office (it’s our wonderful garden with the cricket field behind)
  • The flexible time, which allows me to make more time for yoga (not necessarily to work less)
  • The greasy garage … not love perhaps, however I love the potential of our business and what we have achieved so far
  • The free MOT’s and car services :)

Definitely not business as I used to know it and often a lot of hard work, but overall I feel much more fulfilled, alive, balanced, challenged and open to the unusual!

I officially declare that colourful and free-spirited is my new business as usual :)

“There’s so much risk in picking just one thing – we’re so afraid of leaving one thing behind that we actually leave everything behind.” – Tiffany Sauder


7 thoughts on “No longer business as usual

  1. Karin says:

    “As we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same!” (Nelson Mandela) Thanks sister for sharing your courage and experience! Proud of you!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. creativesoulcollective says:

    I love this Birgit and am able to relate. I left my ‘rat race’ when I decided to become a yoga teacher and Arbonne consultant! Very happy that you feel alive and fulfilled at work- and that you have more time for yoga! Congrats

    Liked by 1 person

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