A new year. A new decade. A new vision. A new beginning.

2019 has taught me many things (thank you 2019), but especially that life can change in an instant! It could be in the face of tragedy and challenges, supposedly through a lottery win, or as I have also learned: through a bigger vision pulling you!

I have no lottery wins to report on, however, I can share details of a bigger vision popping up (more of that below) and as for challenges, I must say 2019 was a rather tough one.

It’s my parents, particularly my poor mum, that have been struck by a period of severe health challenges, and living apart from them (in different countries, but within Europe), being there for them not only meant a lot of mental and emotional support, but many flights and time away, too. Not just away from my home and family here in the UK, but also from my professional life and ambitions.


Professionally, I was keen to take my freelance copywriting and content strategy business to the next level in 2019 (potentially letting completely go of my part-time job), and it was just when I reached a new level of clarity (and enthusiasm) about who I want to serve and how I want to make a meaningful impact with my services, that I realised that I can’t have it all: develop my own freelance business and serve my own clients, whilst staying in a part-time job (until I’m more established), supporting my parents and helping run my husband’s business;  AND there was also a passion project I couldn’t separate myself from.

Something had to give and I had to do what’s right first (look after my parents), what was necessary second (do the work in my husband’s business and go to the part-time job to sustain finances) and then there was that passion thing that always followed me … excited me … I really cared about – regardless of my inner questions, inner worries and inner doubts: MECHANICLONDON.

Inspired by personal as well as business projects and transformations, MECHANICLONDON is my storytelling cartoon (representing me and my husband) and my megaphone to share and pass on often life-changing lessons learned, to plant seeds of kindness, to light the fire of self-belief and to encourage people from all walks of life to believe in and to follow their dreams.

As the name and cartoon pertains to a mechanic as well as a classic car restoration project, I am hoping that the inspirational quotes and stories may particularly appeal to men (who tend to me more resistant to this type of content), but also to children in general, and consequently their parents, but one of the guiding encouragements is “If a mechanic can do it, everybody can” … therefore, I’d like the MECHANICLONDON to appeal to people from all walks of life really, like I said.

Currently, my cartoon is spreading the seeds of positive belief mainly online (on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and finally, on Instagram as well). However, my desires and dreams for the MECHANICLONDON are potentially huge and I’d love to see him spread the love from stationary, mugs, placemats, bags and many more! I’ve even caught myself thinking that my MECHANICLONDON could become a thinking and writing coach!

There, I said it out loud (despite my fear of failure) and although, I don’t know yet exactly how to make it all a reality, I’ve decided to simply follow my passion and let my vision pull me in the direction of my dreams :)

Tons of good luck, good vibes, self-belief and courage to follow your dreams from me to you <3

PS: So, it’s my copywriting business that had to give in the end – or at least the version I had dreamed up of it – and letting go of it really turned my world upside down initially, not least as I felt in a career limbo.

It’s weird, but when I was in my corporate career my job title and pay cheque always gave me that sense of security, status and identity, and even though since swapping the corporate career path for the entrepreneurial heart-centred and purpose-driven (and non-linear) career journey I have been struggling to maintain that same feeling of identity and security, I have also come to this inner knowing that following my passion, my heart and my dreams (rather than going back to the corporate rat race) is in fact the ONLY way to lasting happiness, success and inner peace.

“A mind that is stretched by new experience can never go back to its old dimensions.” ― Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr.

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