My colourful and free-spirited businesses

Since they are my two main sources of my making a living in the colourful and free-spirited way it seems appropriate to introduce the two main businesses I’m playing with: Voilà :)


PW ad-2Born out of my belief that both, the meaning and the presentation of words have the power to shape our experiences (in business as in life) and combining it with my passion for crafting powerful words, I founded Power-Words – where I offer content strategy, copywriting, editing and proofreading services, particularly to organisations, teams and leaders dedicated to social and organisational change.

Classic Brent Autos (est.1989) aka mechaniclondon

Yes, this is a car servicing and repair business and no I didn’t train or re-train as a mechanic, nor is there a history of mechanics in my family (on the contrary we are mostly desk-bound office rats). It wasn’t my love for cars either that got me involved in a greasy garage business. Far from it, it’s purely my love for the mechanic himself that got me into the mechanic game. Ok, his accountant spiel and trendy pulling shirts initially impressed me, too. But in the end, it really was all down to charisma and congeniality!

In fact, I forgot all about the mechanic. Until I saw the workshop for the first time that was! And by then my cold feet had long worn off and sharing my life with a grease monkey had long become the most normal and wonderful thing in the world.

My husband founded Brent Autos in 1989 and since joining forces in 2012 we have been taking the business from strength to strength, amongst others having revamped many of our business processes and advanced our strategy to include classic car services. We also extended our garage building and are pretty chuffed with our rebranding to Classic BRENT AUTOS, and our social media presence (all homemade by myself), where we are playing as mechaniclondon.

Would love for you to join our adventures on Twitter, Facebook or YouTube as we are building something special. Watch this space :)

“Timing, perseverance, and ten years of trying will eventually make you look like an overnight success.