What will it be like on the other side of the lockdown

Although I don’t have much time to download all my thoughts concerning the current global coronavirus pandemic, I have come across these beautiful words below and wanted to hold on to them and give them a home here on my blog.

What could the world look like on the other side of the lockdown? Is our humanity only buried under the clouds (of fear, stress, greed…)? Could it be that Albert Pike was right when he said “We must pass through the darkness, to reach the light.”


Lockdown is a poem I found on Facebook. It is attributed to Richard Hendrick, a Capuchin Franciscan Priest living in Ireland.


Yes there is fear.
Yes there is isolation.
Yes there is sickness.
Yes there is even death.

They say that in Wuhan after so many years of noise you can HEAR the birds again.

They say that after just a few weeks of quiet the sky is no longer thick with FUMES but blue and clear.

They say that in Italy people are SINGING to each other across the empty squares, keeping their windows open so that those who are alone may HEAR the sounds of families around them.

They say that in the West of Ireland a young woman is spreading fliers with her number through the neighbourhood so that the elders may have someone to call on.

All over the world people are SLOWING DOWN and reflecting and looking at their neighbours in a NEW WAY.

All over the world people are waking up to the reality of how big we really are, to our interconnectedness and to how little control we really have.

Waking up to what really matters, to the power of prayer, meditation, kindness, caring and Love.

BforBirgit.comSo we pray and remember that while there is fear, there does not have to be hate.

Yes there is isolation but there does not have to be loneliness.

Yes there is sickness but there does not have to be disease of the soul.

And yes there is pain, suffering and death but there can always be a rebirth of community, peace, harmony and love.

Wake to the choices you make as to how to live today and now.

Pay attention.

The birds are singing, the sky is clearing and love always encompasses us.

Open the windows of your soul and though you may not be able to touch across the empty square…… SING and give thanks for your life and all you have.

<3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

My own lockdown

In my last post I was trying to find a new beginning for my career, which has been in lockdown for a few years – very much due to complex personal circumstances (several health challenges and multiple business commitments) as I mentioned, but as I have since recognised, also due to very alive and kicking fears clouding my vision and preventing me from following my inner guides.

BforBirgit.comIn my post I spoke of a moment of clarity and enthusiasm for my freelance career and at the same time concluded that my freelance business is what I had to let go of!?!

Luckily, our inner guides never leave us and nudge us again and again (until we listen), and so this clarity moment has never left me and in the end became so loud, I listened, I recognised my part-time job as the prison my fears were locking me into, and instead of my freelance ambitions, quit my part-time job!

On the other side of my career lockdown, I am on fire when I

  • research and write about all good things that may help individuals, organisations or wider society evolve,
  • help small businesses, entrepreneurs and solo consultants with big, and big-hearted ambitions, transform their content and copy from
    • meaningless, commonplace and generic to purposeful, strategic and targeted
    • lifeless, boring and uninspiring to compelling, engaging and connecting
    • invisible and blending in to searchable, visible and standing out
    • overwhelming and messy to simple, clear, consistent and stylish
  • spread words of positivity and wisdom via my passion project

We are in the middle of a global pandemic, which threatens careers, businesses and lives, and I have no paid work right this minute, however, I am not panicking as I have learned to trust life and I understand now what I am meant to do: the things that set me on fire!

In many ways, these challenging times we are facing, have highlighted my soul’s contract to me even more as firstly, I truly believe in the breakdown to breakthrough philosophy, and secondly, because crafting ‘good / benevolent / evolutionary’ content and polishing it so it gets seen is all about shining a light on the good people and the good things life has to offer.

BforBirgit.comI am bursting with positive energy and ideas that all want to be written down and shared, however, for the time being I am over on LinkedIN building my profile and sharing my mission to (hopefully) connect with lots of changemakers that want their words to make an impact. Wish me luck :)


From me to you: tons of good vibes, good health, good luck, self-belief and the courage to look for the silver lining and to follow your own inner guides <3