9 magic benefits of filling your home with love, instead of things

My last post may have made it clear that littering and fly-tipping – as well as the ways in which these ‘human diseases’ as I would call them are being tackled by councils and organisations (here in the UK) – are increasingly preoccupying my mind, and I surely have more to come on this, however, today I thought I would bring one of my old posts (from a previous and now unpublished blog) back to life.

After all, good habits start at home. Or, as the Dalai Lama puts it

“A loving foundation in your home is the foundation for your life.”

So here is my post, in which I reflected on the reasons and benefits of keeping my home on the neat, clean and clutter-free side of things – apart from it being a habit I grew up with.


  1. Better appearance – a clean, tidy and clutter-free home is simply more stylish and looks better. As such it is much more pleasing to the eyes – and not only my own. If my home looks the part, it is much more joyful to welcome visitors. There’ll be no embarrassment or distractions, only enjoyment of each other’s company.
  2. Improved health – my loving and organised home is hell for germs and bacteria, allergens such as dust and mould, and generally bugs and other household pests, and heaven for myself and for my loved ones. Even the risk of injuries is lowered and air quality improved. Goodbye viruses, infections, allergies or injuries, hello health and vitality!
  3. Less stress – this one is simple. Less mess creates less stress. If my home has a level of organisation and tidiness to it, I can find things and see the wood for the trees. And, overall there will be fewer distractions and more clarity. Less space for stressing and more space for living.
  4. Boosted productivity – you know where this one is going. If I have less stress, fewer distractions and more clarity, I am more productive on the tasks I want to accomplish. What’s more, I can concentrate and focus my energy on getting things done – rather than for example searching for them.
  5. Enhanced creativity – as there is no mess or other house stress sucking unnecessary energy, my creative juices can flow freely. Mine seem to naturally evolve quite a lot around storage solutions, maintenance strategies and decorations for the home, but even my writing and non-house related projects seem to flow and flourish so much better in the clean and neat environment.
  6. Increased relaxation – coming home to my clean, tidy and nicely decorated home is like coming home to an oasis of peace, calm and positive energy. No wonder it is easy to recharge my batteries and have a really good night’s sleep.
  7. Strengthened relationships – with no reasons for embarrassment or worry about the appearance of my home, I can always enjoy my guests’ company fully and be in the moment. Similarly, having a mutual sense of orderliness, my husband and I not only co-operate better but we have more time and energy for each other, our goals and activities – rather than perhaps having to look for things, fighting bugs or not having clean clothes to wear.
  8. More money/savings – it may not be immediately evident, but maintaining a certain standard and hence taking care of our home and belongings really does have a positive effect on finances! In essence, it will be less likely that things get lost, broken or worn, and more likely that we for example cook and dine in. Not just a cheaper but healthier option. Double win!
  9. Lifted mental wellbeing – I find the activity of cleaning itself a wonderful way to overcome and let negative emotions such as for example sadness, anxiety, frustration, or perhaps anger out, and at the same time make space for solutions, creativity and refocus on other things. Mind detoxed, calories burned and replaced with endorphins. Magic!

“As I unclutter my life, I free myself to answer the callings of my soul.” ~Wayne W Dyer

“He who hoards much loses much.” ~Laotse