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This is me, Birgit Diggins aka BforBirgit, colourful and free-spirited (and London-based) portfoliopreneur

What started off with my sporadically helping out in my husband’s small business whilst still pursuing my full-time corporate career (of managing often large marketing, web and intranet development projects and change programmes) eventually turned into a sabbatical from the corporate world and has finally become my truly awesome and colourful portfolio career and free-spirited way of making a living.

Today, I divide my time between multiple streams of work, helping run our family business, building my own copy and content services business, and then there’s also my heart and passion project, which I’m hoping to turn into my legacy project one day.

Outside of work I spend most of my time on the yoga mat, looking after our house, garden and cats, and being with friends and family. I spend less time joining my husband for a swim or bike ride, and (next to) no time watching TV.

“Life begins outside your comfort zone” …or outside your corporate career :)

Ditching the formal work wear, no longer spending the majority of my time in concrete boxes (aka big corporate offices) and on overcrowded trains, and giving up chasing job titles, promotions and pay rises, has truly awakened the entrepreneur and writer in me, and stretched not just my hamstrings (as I have more time for yoga), but my comfort zone!

My Blog

On my blog I write about the many eye-openers, adventures and different kinds of joys that this new way of (making a) living is bringing me.

The colourful and free-spirited theme reflects itself on my blog in many ways:

  • Making a living and making a life are not separate. I am the same (real) person in both worlds. Therefore, the palette of topics I may write about is colourful and free-spirited, too, and may include musings about business, career, personal development, health, cats (LOL) or even humanity and evolution.
  • It can be extremely busy (and fulfilling and rewarding! You’ve been warned) and may not leave a lot of time for writing. However, a colourful and free-spirited blog is not about frequency or quantity, and first and foremost about sharing, inspiring and learning – at your (and my) leisure.

The latter is also why I decided to bring my old blog posts back to life. Even though I wrote these whilst still in the corporate game, they provide insight as to how my career outlook and values started shifting. As such they may even lead someone else on to the colourful and free-spirited way of making a living. I believe, that wouldn’t be such a bad thing :)

“Don’t ask what the world needs. Ask what makes you come alive, and go do it. Because what the world needs is people who have come alive.” ―Howard Thurman

Image credit: © Alex Zarubin | Dreamstime.comSet of colour pencils